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Alcohol abuse can lead people to drink and drive. A man accused of killing his girlfriend in a drunken-driving crash in mid-March took a plea deal on Aug. 17, which changed his charge to second-degree manslaughter. Police said Anthony Brigmon's blood-alcohol level was .193 percent when he arrived at University Hospital. Chronic, progressive, and equally detrimental to your health, relationships, and stability, alcohol abuse and alcoholism are often categorized by binge drinking, preoccupation with alcohol and where you're getting your next drink, having issues controlling your drinking habits, a physical dependence on the consumption of alcoholic beverages, physical discomfort or withdrawal symptoms when you decrease or stop your drinking, and an inability to stop your drinking despite the chaos it causes in your life. What's more, it's completely possible to be in need of alcoholism treatment or be at risk of alcohol abuse, even if you don't drink on a daily basis.

Is Alcohol Abuse the Same as Addiction?

If you're worried about alcoholism, problem drinking or alcohol dependence, it's important to be on the lookout for some of the signs and symptoms. Keep in mind that the signs for teenagers and children are different than those for adults. For adults, some of the most common signs of addiction and dependency include: Needing increasing amounts to achieve the same effects, or simply to achieve a sense of normalcy and calm An inability to stop drinking, despite a desire to do so, or despite the repercussions drinking is having on your life Experiencing withdrawal symptoms when you stop drinking, including anxiety, nervousness, sweating, shaking, headache and nausea Giving up other activities or missing out on things you would normally enjoy because of your drinking or being drunk Feelings of guilt or shame, including hiding your drinking, drinking alone, or purchasing your alcohol at different stores so you aren't recognized or to hide the actual amount of alcohol you are consuming If you have a drinking problem, contact Louisville, Ky Alcoholics Anonymous to meet with fellow abusers and addicts.

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