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Many people dealing with alcohol abuse do not consider themselves addicted because consumption of alcohol is legal. It is socially acceptable for an adult to purchase liquor and drink in restaurants, at festivals, family reunions and sports events. There are dangerous risks associated with alcohol abuse. Ignore the false claims that alcohol is not harmful. Begin alcohol rehab today, claim your life back.

What to Expect with an Alcohol Rehab Program

An incoming patient at Alcohol Rehab Treatment Centers Louisville can expect the following:

  • Assessment – This is an intake process similar to admission into a hospital. The staff will gain an understanding of the individual's personal circumstances and current physical and psychological state.
  • Detoxification – ridding the alcoholic's body of the alcohol and working through the cravings.
  • Therapy – there are a variety of therapy options. The medical staff at Alcohol Rehab Louisville will determine if the individual should participate in group therapy with other alcoholics, family therapy and individual therapy sessions.
  • Behavioral therapy – tailored to meet the alcoholic's needs, whether they are learning new behaviors to avoid drinking situations, meditation or exercising.
  • Relapse prevention – addicts learn how to prevent relapse and maintain their sobriety.

Once an alcoholic makes the commitment to quit drinking, modify their behaviors and re-connect with close friends and family, a rehabilitation center should be their next destination. The effects drinking has on the body can be detrimental.

Health Implications of Addiction

Studies indicate the risk of developing health problems directly correlates to a person's alcohol consumption. Here are some examples of the health risks related to alcohol abuse:

Heart Disease: Long-term alcohol consumption weakens the heart muscle, limiting blood flow to the organs. The alcoholic experiences labored breathing, swollen legs and feet and eventually heart failure.

Liver Damage: Excessive drinking causes liver disease. The liver rids the human body of substances the body cannot handle. When someone drinks too much alcohol, the liver has to work over-time, which causes inflammation and weakens the body's natural defenses.

Type 2 Diabetes: Eventually alcohol causes cirrhosis of the liver, a slow deterioration of the liver. Cirrhosis prevents the liver from removing the harmful substances, causing Type 2 Diabetes to develop.

Excessive drinking compromises the pancreases. The pancreas secretes insulin, which regulates the body's main source of energy. The alcoholic may develop pancreatic cancer.

The Alcohol Treatment Center Helps with Withdrawal Symptoms

When an alcoholic enters Alcohol Rehab Centers Louisville, one of the critical components of the recovery includes detoxification, which is a period of time where they will be required to quit using their drug of abuse. Unfortunately, with detoxification come withdrawal symptoms. Medical staff will manage the withdrawal symptoms associated with the detoxification process both through holistic and pharmacological techniques. The withdrawal symptoms include:

  • Increased Heart rate
  • Convulsions and seizures
  • Vomiting
  • Delirium tremors (DT's) leads to seizures
  • Sweating profusely
  • High Anxiety

As some of these symptoms can be life threatening, it is important that alcoholics have medical supervision when detoxing. Trying to quit alone can have disastrous health consequences. Call (502) 653-3503 for help with your alcohol addiction. Drug Treatment Centers Louisville can help you find the best rehab treatments centers available for you.

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