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The disease of alcoholism is progressive and debilitating, meaning that if the alcoholic doesn't get treatment his or her health will continue to get worse and that could result in the development of a variety of medical conditions or even death. To understand the alcoholism treatment modalities for alcoholism and alcohol abuse, let's examine the options available.

Evaluation. Either you or a loved one can contact treatment facilities and speak to a member of their staff. The staff at the facilities can then directly contact your insurance provider and hash out the details of your coverage. Furthermore, the staff can evaluate the symptoms of alcoholism and help you design a treatment plan.

Detoxification. Medically-managed detox is the safest way to wean the patient off of alcohol. Physicians, nurses, and substance abuse technicians monitor the patient until he or she is no longer experiencing the physical symptoms of withdrawal. It's worth mentioning that unsupervised detox is not advised; withdrawal symptoms can be extremely severe and could result in cardiac arrest or death.

Treatment. Inpatient residential treatment allows the newly sober patient to continue on the path to recovery. The benefits of residential treatment are numerous — patients are monitored 24/7, they must attend one-on-one or group therapy, medication for alcohol cravings can be safely administered, patients who also suffer from mental illness can be treated concurrently, patients must attend 12-step or other self-help programs.

Preventing relapse. Patients are encouraged to enter an outpatient treatment program or sober living facility after the residential stay. Addicts and alcoholics who have the opportunity to do so have a much higher rate of recovery and it drastically reduces the chance of relapse. Simply put: if you have the opportunity to enter outpatient treatment or a sober living facility — pursue it.

Hurdles to Recovery

The prevalence of denial and noxious thinking among alcoholics is a major complication. Months or years of alcohol abuse makes life-altering decision-making difficult — however, if the alcoholic has the slightest inclination towards seeking help, this is a watershed moment. Call (877) 804-1531to find a rehab treatment center of different facilities that are available for you.

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