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Those who suffer from alcohol or drug abuse and misuse, and who are prepared to enter a drug rehabilitation program are usually required to go through a process of detoxification before they are allowed to actually enter treatment. Some facilities have their own detox process and area, while others require their patients to detox before they ever arrive in the program.

What is Detoxification?

Detox is the process of eliminating addictive substances from the body, whether they are illegal drugs, alcohol or prescription meds. The detox process can be a difficult process for some depending on their drug of choice, the amount they take and the length of time they've been abusing. The person's physical health, mental state and age also are key factors in determining how they will react to the detox process.

Different Kinds of Detoxification

Because of the hold that some drugs and alcohol have over a person, both mentally and physically, it is always best to undergo detoxification from alcohol or drugs in a facility, where a doctor or nurse can administer the proper drugs or other treatments to make sure that the body is responding properly, and that further complications do not arise. Most drug users and alcoholics undergo detoxification easily, with only mild discomfort. Other users may experience more serious problems and need medications in order to keep themselves stable enough to finish the process.

Withdrawal Symptoms

The following are some symptoms of withdrawal that may be experienced when patients undergo a drug or alcohol detox protocol.

Tiredness and fatigue: The withdrawal from drugs creates a myriad of effects. Depending on the drug of abuse, some patients may begin to feel more tired, sleepy and lethargic.

Depression: This emotional and mental condition can be brought on by drug abuse or exacerbated by it in patients who already have a preexisting condition. When dopamine levels in the brain are altered, the addict is more prone to feelings symptoms of sadness and indifference.

Tremors: This uncontrollable shaking of hands and other body parts can be felt within hours of the last drink or hit. People suffering from tremors also tend to experience elevated heart rate, rapid breathing, sweating, fever, nausea and vomiting.

Preparing for Detoxification

Mentally preparing for detoxification can help you get through this process quickly and easily. There will be some discomfort. The body has learned to want and use the substance, and it does not like giving it up. However, knowing that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and that detox does end in a particular mental clarity, can make the entire process more manageable. Many treatment facilities are staffed with doctors that understand the physical and mental process, what dangers may arise, and how to ensure that each patient is as comfortable as possible. With some drugs like barbiturates and alcohol, it is necessary to take a medication like methadone, in order to help the body get through withdrawals and fully detoxify. Get help now. Call Drug Treatment Centers Louisville at (502) 653-3503 and let them assist you in finding a treatment center that meets all your needs.

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