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Drugs and alcohol are a growing problem all over the world, including in Louisville, KY. While drug addiction is widely considered to be a negative, alcohol is widely accepted and finding the line between recreational use and addiction is very difficult. Many people believe that they can use drugs and alcohol on a recreational basis and never see any negative side effects. While this may be true of very moderate alcohol consumption, it is not true of any kind of street drug.

The Dangers of Drug and Alcohol Abuse and Misuse

Most street drugs and some prescriptions are very addictive. Using these drugs only recreationally is nearly impossible, as they quickly retrain the brain to depend solely on the feelings provided by the substance. And because many people use drugs and alcohol as a coping mechanism, they develop an emotional dependence in addition to a mental one. Very quickly, drugs and alcohol can start to take a serious toll on the body and the mind, resulting is severe physical side effects that can range from depression to organ failure and even death.

Signs and Symptoms of Substance Abuse

The most common signs of substance abuse are a withdrawal from normal life and sudden behavioral changes. Both alcohol and illegal drugs can seriously affect a person's ability to interact with others and to carry on a normal life. When a person is addicted to something it becomes the center of their life, and they are unable to think about anything else or do anything else. Looking for the signs and symptoms of alcohol or drug abuse and misuse can help you or a loved one get the proper treatment.

Warning Signs of Drug Abuse

  • If you notice any of these changes or behaviors being displayed by a loved one, it is time they receive help.
  • Reckless spending on drugs or alcohol causing financial problems
  • The person has become abusive and this is threatening the life and safety of other members of the family
  • Substance abuse causing health complications for both the user and his or her family
  • The addict shows signs of depression or talks about suicide
  • The user exhibits risky behaviors such as driving while intoxicated or practicing unsafe sex
  • They begin to get into fights or start exhibiting criminal behavior such as stealing to get high
  • Isolating themselves from friends or family and being secretive about where they are going what they are doing and who they are hanging out with.
  • They begin to miss school or work repeatedly and start to do poorly where they once excelled
  • Physical signs of drug use which could include red eyes, bad breath, tiredness, track marks on arms and other areas of the body.

Treatment for Drugs and Alcohol Addiction

Because Louisville is not immune to the drug and alcohol problems that plague the entire country, they offer the best addiction treatment programs available. These programs range in format from and are tailored to fit each patient's individual needs. Call Drug Treatment Centers at (502) 653-3503 let them help you find a rehab center that meets all your needs. today to get started.

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