Alcohol Addiction in Louisville KY

Understanding Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol addiction develops when an individual consumes excessive amounts of alcohol despite the negative physical, psychological and financial implications. One of the biggest obstacles for an effective recovery is denial. The desire to drink is so strong that many give excuses to justify their behavior. An alcoholic in denial downplays his or her drinking and may lie frequently about how much they consume. When addicts admit to having a problem they are one step closer to taking action and reversing their substance abuse. The professional staff at Drug Treatment Centers Louisville helps addicts struggling with alcohol abuse.

In many cases, alcohol addiction leads to divorce, domestic violence, unemployment and even poverty. Substance dependence puts a tremendous burden on the addict and his or her family and friends. We help individuals recognize the consequences of their disease and the effectiveness of treatment.

What is an Assessment?

When someone begins a treatment program, he or she must meet with an intake counselor to discuss their specific situation and needs. The following list includes the assessment and type of care provided:

Provide complete medical history: Patients will be asked questions regarding their medical history, including any medical or psychological issues they may have dealt with in the past or are currently experiencing. Without this knowledge, the medical staff cannot provide an accurate diagnosis or administer the proper course of treatment.

Medical professionals must make an appropriate diagnosis: Many individuals who have a substance abuse problem are also suffering with a mental disorder. It is important that they be diagnosed correctly so that they may receive the appropriate therapy and medication to address the co-occurring disorders.

Patient must undergo a physical examination - looking for physical evidence of HIV/AIDS, cirrhosis of the liver or any other physical, medical conditions that may affect the detox process

and their recovery.

Patient and team of professionals must build a customized treatment plan for the individual. Each detox process is unique to each patient depending on their physical health and substance of abuse. This plan must also include short term and long term goals for the recovery process that will be attained during and after treatment. The types of therapy modalities that will be most effective for the patient will also be included in this plan. Every treatment plan will be modified and updated as the patient progresses through the stages of recovery.

The thorough assessment insures the addict receives the appropriate level of treatment and care. Treatment centers take pride in making sure that each patient is treated as an individual and strive to provide the best support and care possible. Call Drug Treatment Centers Louisville Call (502) 653-3503 and begin the road to a successful recovery today.

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