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Louisville Treatment for Heroin Addiction

Break free from heroin addiction with the help of Louisville drug treatment centers...   If you have a loved one that is addicted to heroin, you know the heartache and devastation that this powerful drug can create. At Louisville treatment for heroin addiction they provide an array of therapeu... Read More

Louisville Addiction Inpatient Treatment Centers

Louisville addiction inpatient treatment centers...   Louisville is home to countless reputable Louisville addiction inpatient treatment centers. Just like many other areas in our country, Kentucky and Ohio face tremendous challenges daily with the expansive drug epidemic taking place-- espec... Read More

Overcoming Opiate Addiction at Louisville Residential Drug Treatment Centers

Understanding Opiate Treatment at Louisville Residential Drug Treatment Centers...   What Are Opiates? You have probably heard both of the terms "opioid" and "opiate," and wondered what the difference between the two is. Opioids used to be known as the synthetic form of the drug class known as... Read More

Heroin Treatment Louisville KY

Heroin is one of the most addictive street drugs in the world. It is a depressant, which relaxes the body and induces an intense feeling of well-being and contentedness. It belongs to a class of drugs called opiates, which are derived from poppies. This drug can rewire the brain so that the reward p... Read More

Dual Diagnosis Treatment Louisville

Dual Diagnosis: What is it and how is it Treated?...   Dual diagnosis is the co-occurrence of a mental illness and substance addiction. There are two facets to this diagnosis: the underlying mental illness could influence drug abuse or drug addiction could influence the development of a mental... Read More

Alcohol Abuse Treatment Louisville

Alcohol abuse can lead people to drink and drive. A man accused of killing his girlfriend in a drunken-driving crash in mid-March took a plea deal on Aug. 17, which changed his charge to second-degree manslaughter. Police said Anthony Brigmon's blood-alcohol level was .193 percent when he arrived at... Read More

Alcoholism Treatment Louisville

The disease of alcoholism is progressive and debilitating, meaning that if the alcoholic doesn't get treatment his or her health will continue to get worse and that could result in the development of a variety of medical conditions or even death. To understand the alcoholism treatment modalities fo... Read More

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